Spark New Career Ideas

5 Practical Ways to Spark New Career Ideas

Jul 16, 2023

Are you feeling stuck because you're struggling to come up with career ideas outside of retail?

Let me share five tips that will help you move forward...


Tip 1: Avoid defining yourself by your job title

You are not defined by retail; your identity is shaped by the unique blend of skills you've developed. Start by making a list of your top five transferable skills. Instead of searching for job titles on websites, try entering those skills in the "what" section. Explore terms like leadership, customer service, and coaching to discover job opportunities that align with your transferable skills.


Tip 2: Shift your focus to companies, not just specific jobs

Take a reverse approach and think about the companies you aspire to work for. Dive deep into researching each of these companies. Connect with individuals currently employed there to learn about the various positions they offer. Look for roles that match your transferable skills within those companies. Remember, this approach requires proactivity and a willingness to engage with real people at these companies. 


Tip 3: Utilise AI to generate career ideas based on your skills and preferences 

Visit ChatGPT and type in queries such as:

"What are the top non-retail jobs I could pursue with my [insert skill, e.g., leadership]?"
"Which industries provide [insert want, e.g., work-life balance]?"
Delve further into the industries and job suggestions it generates to explore new possibilities.


Tip 4: Embrace new experiences

Engaging in volunteer work or enrolling in courses related to a different field can provide hands-on experience and a glimpse into working in a specific industry. This can help expand your network and develop new skills. Many individuals have pursued project management, leadership, and HR courses while still working in retail, gaining valuable insights into potential career paths.


Tip 5: Connect with new people

Reach out to professionals in industries or roles that interest you and arrange informational interviews. Ask about their career journeys, job responsibilities, and their likes and dislikes about their work. These conversations can provide valuable insights into different career options and guide you towards making an informed decision. 


Warning there is no such thing as a perfect idea

You'll never know for certain if it's the right idea for you until you start having real conversations with people doing the job ideas you've generated. From experience, this is the only way you'll ever start to build confidence and certainty with any ideas you do generate.

You'll also never match the job description for any of your ideas 100% either. As long as you match the job descriptions for your ideas by 70-80% then you'll have enough transferable skills needed to realistically secure that idea...

Wishing you a fantastic day!


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