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A Proven Framework for Generating 30+ Career Ideas Outside of Retail Without Sacrificing Your Salary (Even if You Have Absolutely No Experience in Other Industries)

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are a Retail Manager looking for a new career that will give you work-life balance, flexibility and job satisfaction.
  • Someone that doesn’t have a clue what they want or can do instead of Retail and who doesn’t want to start from the bottom or take a pay cut in another industry.
  • You want to change industries but you feel like you don't have enough "experience" or that you're not "qualified".
  • You know that if you could get clarity on what you could do, then you would be able to move forward.
  • You've struggled to come up with ideas and want some clear strategies that will make the process easier.
  • You don't want to settle for less than you deserve and want to be challenged to come up with several brilliant career ideas
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I've Been in the Exact Position You're in

In 2018, I was done with Retail. Fed up in a career that offered no flexibility or work-life balance. I felt burnt out always being expected to be available 24/7. Every passing year my job satisfaction diminished due to the constant store cuts and unachievable expectations. I was determined to do something about my situation, but there was one problem.

I couldn't quite pinpoint what I wanted to pursue instead of working in Retail.

I held onto the hope that one day, the perfect idea would magically present itself to me. While waiting for that moment, I aimlessly browsed through job search websites, applying for anything that caught my half-hearted interest. Unfortunately, each rejection letter only pushed me further away from discovering my true passion. It made me question if Retail was my only viable option.

Perhaps this scenario sounds all too familiar to you...

There Is So Much Opportunity Out There

Let me assure you that you currently have a wealth of options at your fingertips, ready for exploration starting today! Many of us ended up in Retail because we struggled to determine our desired career path in the first place. Now, faced with a similar challenge, we realize that we were never equipped with the crucial skill of career discovery. However, that changes now. We find ourselves endlessly scrolling through job descriptions, attempting to fit into roles that surface, but there's a far more effective approach.

What if I told you I could assist you in finding careers that truly align with who you are and what you want? It all begins with defining your ideal career situation and identifying the valuable skills you bring to the table. From there, I guide you in uncovering professions that not only offer what you seek but also require your unique transferable Retail skills.

Doesn't that sound like a much smarter strategy? Of course, it does!

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What's Inside?


Laying the foundation

Gain Clarity on Exactly What You Want From Your Career Change While Understanding What Valuable Transferable Skills You Have to Offer Other Industries

  • Learn how being clear on what you want is key to generating new career ideas. 

  • Overcome the 8 mistakes that stop people from moving on from the career idea stage. 

  • Identify the valuable transferable skills you have to offer other industries. 
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Generating Career Ideas

Utilise My Proven Framework for Generating Exciting Career Options that Align with Your Desires and Require Your Transferable Retail Skills and Experience. 

  • Overcome idea paralysis with my 6 simple idea-generating techniques.
  • Develop ideas based on your transferable skills so you won't be required to take a pay cut or start from the bottom.
  • Let me push the boundaries of your imagination in order to think BIG!  
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Gaining Career Clarity

Gain Complete Clarity on Your Career Change Next Step by Narrowing Down Your Ideas to the Best Fit for You.

  • Eliminate the fear of the unknown by utilising my process for understanding what it is like to work in your desired job role.

  • Avoid making a career change mistake by using my simple formula that'll ensure your career idea is the perfect fit for you.

  • Discover why having clarity will help you stand out from the crowd and secure your next career change.
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