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Job Offer Blueprint

A Multi-Step System Helping Retail Managers Transition from Online Rejection to Securing 1-2 Interviews per Week with Exciting Companies, Offering a Better Work-Life Balance, Regardless of Direct Industry Experience or Qualifications

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are a Retail Manager looking for a new career that will give you work-life balance, flexibility and job satisfaction.
  • You have applied for loads of jobs outside of retail but rarely (if ever) hear anything back, let alone secure an interview. 
  • You want to change industries but you feel like you don't have enough "experience" or that you're not "qualified". 
  • You have tried tailoring your CV/Resume, but employers still can't see past your Retail experience to give you a chance. 
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Tired of Companies Not Recognising Your Retail Experience and Value?

Tired of facing constant rejection?

Do you ever feel like companies, recruiters, and interviewers fail to recognise your transferable Retail value? If so, you're not alone. Many job seekers still rely on outdated strategies like job search websites, CVs [Resumes] and Cover Letters. However, here lies the problem: these methods won't work if you're aiming to switch careers...

To begin with, most job openings receive a staggering 100+ applications, but only 4-5 candidates are selected for interviews. This means that the chances of securing a job through these conventional approaches are less than 1%.

Moreover, we're expected to condense our worth onto a single sheet of paper filled with buzzwords like "results-driven" and "team player," all while completing generic "one-click apply" applications on job search websites. While these methods may have been effective a decade ago, they simply fall short in today's highly competitive market.

Fortunately, there is an alternative way...

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Introducing the Job Offer Blueprint

This is my proven, step-by-step process for bypassing the application process and securing an interview without relying on ineffective job search methods. The Job Search Blueprint guides you on how to identify individuals who can influence your hiring prospects and transform them into enthusiastic supporters who want to give you an opportunity.

But wait, there's more—we still need a way to effectively communicate our transferable value. Enter the Retail Value Proposition (RVP). Think of it as an upgraded version of the traditional one-dimensional CV/Resume. It's a customized deliverable that allows you to express your value in your own words and on your own terms. With an RVP, you have the chance to demonstrate how your experience and skills can benefit the industry you're targeting.

The Retail Value Proposition (RVP) is the most successful career change strategy I've ever deployed, and it has consistently led to remarkable achievements for both myself and my clients. When I initially used this approach to transition out of retail, it was fairly basic. However, I've refined it into a job offer-generating machine, which you can utilise using my proven template.

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This System Has Helped People Land Job Offers At...

Here’s What You Get When You Invest in the Job Offer Blueprint:


✅ Get my "golden ticket" job search strategy that will help separate you from 99% of other job seekers out there.
✅ Discover my simple techniques to find people that can influence your chances of getting a referral which will statistically increase your chances of getting hired. 
✅ Then learn how to network with complete strangers and turn them into advocates willing to refer you, without feeling sleazy or awkward. 
✅ Discover how to build a job-winning Retail Value Proposition (RVP) that’ll help you stand out from the crowd by making your Retail transferable skills irresistible to hiring managers. 
✅ Secure interviews with companies willing to offer you more balance and job satisfaction
✅ Land job offers at companies offering to match or exceed your current Retail salary. 
✅ Only 20% of top vacancies make it online, discover how to access 80% of the jobs that never get posted or advertised.
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Here's What You Could Achieve...

Secure 1-2 interviews per week for jobs in other industries without having direct industry experience or qualifications?

- Not a problem.

Land job offers for careers in industries that offer work-life balance and flexibility

- Certainly. 

Achieve all that without having to take a salary drop and with a strong likelihood of securing a pay raise?

- Absolutely! 

Finally have the time to enjoy your life without sacrificing the lifestyle you've worked hard to build? 

- Damn right!

What's Inside?


Identify Your Dream Companies

Create a Focused List of Dream Employers You Want to Secure Job Offers From

  • Learn my 4 easy steps to build a list of 40+ dream employers

  • Create a focus list of 15 target companies based on those that are most likely to weld a job offer
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Influence Hiring Decisions

Learn How to Identify Contacts Who Can Influence Your Ability to Get Hired at Your Dream Companies

  • Utilise my simple techniques to find people that can influence your chances of getting a referral
  • How to find people that have made the exact career change you desire and how to follow in their footsteps
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Turn Unknowns Into Advocates

Learn How to Turn Complete Strangers at Your Dream Companies Into Advocates That Want to Refer You!

  • Master how to network without feeling sleazy or awkward and become a highly effective cold emailer [Scripts Included]
  • Discover proven strategies for getting employers and connections to reply
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Show Them Your Transferable Value

Create a Job Winning Retail Value Proposition That Makes Your Retail Value Irresistible and Crystal Clear to Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

  • Discover why a RVP is the best and only way to showcase your transferable skills. 
  • Learn how to build your RVP with templates and real-life examples that worked! [templates included]
  • How & when to share your RVP in the job search
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Secure a Job Offer

Understand How to Use the “Retail Escape Funnel” to Guarantee You an Interview Pipeline

  • Generate a constant interview pipeline for the jobs you want

  • 80% of senior vacancies aren't posted online, but with this approach, you'll finally be able to access the jobs that pay the salary you desire 

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The Full Curriculum

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