7 Job Search Mistakes That Are Costing You Job Offers

Dec 03, 2023

In this week's newsletter, I want to talk to you about some of the common mistakes I see people make that are most certainly costing them job offers.

If you’re still job searching, then I can guarantee you’ve made a few of these too.


1) Thinking A Great CV/Resume Is All You Need

They're really important in finding a job.

But they're just 10% of what you need to succeed.

They're like the tyres on a car.

You can't go anywhere without them.

But by themselves, they're not much help either!

Just fixing your CV won't get you a job in a different industry.


2) Trying to Appeal to Everyone

Most people apply for job after job without any focus.

This approach could mean you are applying to hundreds of different companies.

But how are you going to learn about hundreds of different companies to stand out?

You can’t! You don’t have enough time in the day as it is.

When you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.

Instead, learn everything you can about 10 dream companies.


3) Hitchhiking Your Search

When folks get a few 'no's (which happens when job searching,

They begin to doubt themselves.

Then they aim for jobs they don’t want (e.g. at another Retail company).

Just to feel wanted in the job market. 

But Retail is Retail, and no matter what that company promises you, you might end up in the same situation later on.

To steer clear of this, choose those dream companies you really want to work at.

Stick to that plan and don’t get off track


4) Investing In Systems That Aren't Working

Many people looking for jobs get annoyed with applying online.

They keep on applying but nothing seems to happen.

The issue is...that they just keep on applying!

If something isn’t working for you?

Like applying online. 

Just stop.

Try different ways instead.


5) Unrealistic Expectations

If you’re applying online you have a 1% chance of securing an interview.

Even with some of the best job search strategies, you’re still looking at a 30% application-to-interview success rate at best.

Yet people receive a few rejections and they give up, even though they could be a few quality applications away from securing your dream job.


6) They Don’t Learn How to Sell Themselves

You are the product.

The company is the buyer.

If you’ve caught yourself saying “I’m not good at selling myself”.

Then it’s likely you need to work on that before applying for jobs.

It’s a skill in itself, but when you master it…

You’ll have employers eating out of your hands.


7) They Don’t Put the Effort In

Lots of people are competing for every online job.

The one who gets the job isn’t always the most qualified.

It's the one who tries the hardest.

If all you do is send a basic application with your CV/Resume.

You won’t stand out among 100 other people.

Instead, try connecting with people at the company, customising your CV/Resume, sending a tailored cover letter, and showing your value via a Retail Value Proposition.

It might seem like a lot, but good things need work.

Start putting in some effort.

Happy job hunting!




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